July 29, 2017: Prayers

At Christi’s Springs, Mile 1784.9

My morning started off in delightful fashion. Last night, Sisyphus and I had that great conversation about enjoying every minute. And this morning, instead of his usual 6:00 departure, he took an hour just to write in his journal. He said he really took my words to heart. I was gratified, and humbled.

I got everything together, filtered my water, and headed back up the spur trail. Today’s goal was Christi’s Springs, eleven miles down the trail. It also functionally splits the difference between Snow Lakes and Fish Lake.

One of the countless PCT signs marking the trail

Today was another day of meeting great people. First up was Bible, who injured his leg while postholing in the late-season Sierra snow. SAR was called, and the search was detailed on the PCT Class of 2018 page. He made it out on his own.

And I met Old Timer. We chatted for awhile, and then when he said “God bless you” before he walked on, I replied with “God bless you.” He looked up, and I said, “I’m a Christian.” And then he asked if there was anything I needed prayer for.

Of course I told him (briefly) about my CFS. He held my hand, and prayed for me. How wonderful was that? I gave him a hug, and he said, “Thank you! I almost never get hugs on the trail!”

In a little while, I reached Christi’s Springs. There were tentsites everywhere, and near the spur trail there were maybe a dozen thrus, having a snack and filling up.


I set up my tent in an adjacent site, which I shared with a guy of about my age. I emptied my pack, to use it for water schlepping. I grabbed all of my carriers, plus my filter setup and my trekking poles, and headed down the trail.

Christi’s Springs are seep springs, so it’s a little difficult to get water. There were several places that could work, but a scoop was helpful. Naturally, I sat down the wrong way and got my hiking skirt a little damp! But between chatting with other hikers, and exercising a lot of patience, I finally got the job done.


Don, my campsite mate, is doing a short section. His wife is doing a cross country bike trip…very cool! So he’s using the time to add more miles.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading another 11 miles, to Fish Lake, home of burgers, shakes, showers, and laundry. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been missing real food, but such is hiking life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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