2016-07-14 16.14.17

Dehydrated food. Ziplocs. Recipes. Mail orders. Counting. Averaging. Checking. Checking again. Wondering if my Snickers and M&Ms stash would survive a house of teenage boys (hint…they did). Toiletries, sundries, and meds, oh my. And this was just the resupplies.

You wouldn’t think food would take this much effort, but it’s a balancing act. How many days? How many miles? What’s the elevation gain/loss? Are there any hazards which might slow you down? How much nutrition do you need, and is it (kinda sorta) balanced? Do you have enough calories per ounce (100+ is optimal)? Do you have enough variation so that you won’t go bonkers?

And gear. New pack. New hydration setup. An umbrella (yes, an umbrella). Spraying Permethrin on every piece of clothing, in preparation for the notorious Oregon mosquitoes.

I can’t believe it, but it’s getting close. On Wednesday, Steve is dropping me at the train station, and I’ll head to Eugene. My longtime friend Robin is hosting me for the night, and in the morning she’ll drive me up to Willamette Pass. And then…it’s time for a hike.

Feeding that Hiker Hunger

2015-06-19 15.29.12

I was up to my eyeballs, studying for midterms, when wonder of wonders! I started talking about the upcoming hiking season. My better half (aka the World’s Most Longsuffering Husband) said he’d know when hiking season was approaching, by the round-the-clock sound of my dehydrator.

I made a face at him, but I realized he was right. This time last year, I was starting to get things organized, food wise.

I developed some favorites last year, banana chips and pasta+olive oil+parmesan chief among them. But I know I need to expand my repertoire, or at least my understanding of best trail food practices.

Enter Brenda Braaten, Ph.D, R.D., a long distance hiker with a desire to help others eat wisely on the trail. has referenced her work, and has a great series of articles on trail nutrition.  See specifically Pack Light, Eat Right.

Once those pesky midterms are over, I plan to dive in and start making plans for summer. On the other hand, maybe I’d better wait until after finals…