July 31, 2018: Callahan’s Redux

At Callahan’s, Mile 1717.7

No alarm this morning! I got up around 8:00, and promptly broke camp. It was easy, as my pack was super light. That will change in a few short hours.

I heard back from Devilfish, and he was planning on being there at 1:00. So I got time to just hang out on the porch. And that was a wonderful thing.

I spent the morning chatting with some great hikers. Some of them had shared the campsite with me, and we met down on the café porch for enormous breakfasts.

Fish Lake Porch

I met Patrick yesterday as I was hiking in on the two mile trail. I asked him for directions, and he confirmed that yes, I was on the right track. The signs had changed, so it was a little confusing. Anyway, he spent time living in the Seattle area.

Moose was a guy about Brendan’s age, who was getting off of the trail. Tea Bags was the guy I met yesterday, who was meeting his wife. He had tea bags on his toe, because of a nasty blister. I’d never heard of this, but he said it was working. And he was hiking with Bronco, who had also joined us for breakfast.

It was really good to be back at Fish Lake, and it reminded me of Ginger and Bill, who so graciously gave me a ride around the 2017 fires, so that I could hike Section B to Callahan’s. But now it was time to drive to Callahan’s, and prepare for the final section in Oregon.

Devilfish showed up with an additional passenger, Sriracha Springs, a 20-something woman from the UK. She needed to pick up her resupply at Hyatt Lake Resort, on her way to either Ashland or Callahan’s. I asked her why Sriracha Springs, and she said it was because she put Sriracha on everything. And she is one of the only SOBOs I’ve met so far, and has hiked with Waffle, whom I met at the second stream a few days ago. Small world!

I had sort of been to Hyatt Lake, when I was doing Section B last year. They’re the ones who maintain the drinking fountain on the trail. Yes, an actual drinking fountain, dispensing potable water. Unfortunately, it’s been shut off this year; maybe because of the Klamathon fire closure, which had only been opened a week or so before.

We ended up on a winding road, on the way to Hyatt Lake. I think it was the smoke, but I ended up feeling rather nauseated. Fortunately, I was able to buy a Sprite at the resort, which calmed things right down. And then, Sriracha bought ice cream for all of use! I turned mine into an ice cream soda, with the help of the Sprite. Only one of my favorite treats 😊

Hyatt Lake Resort


I really enjoyed getting to talk with Devilfish as well. He angels up and down the trail, following the rough location of the herd. (The herd is the bubble of hikers, who generally started in Campo in April, and who end up at the Canadian border in August or September). He fills water caches, gives rides, posts regularly about trail conditions and closures, you name it. The hiking community is very blessed to have him!


Devilfish dropped us off at 5:30, and I went in to get my resupply. I spent an hour playing Resupply Tetris, while Sriracha figured out a ride to the hostel in downtown Ashland. Callahan’s is outside of town, but it’s fairly easy to get a ride. She finally found somebody, and I gave her a hug before she headed on her way.


Once I was done organizing, I headed to the restaurant. I sat at the same table as last year, and the server recognized me! That was pretty cool. I had an amazing salad, plus probably the best mushroom burger I’d ever had. That sounds like hiker hunger, which it might have been, but I’ve never had one with wild mushrooms before.

I headed out to the front lawn, which is the place for hikers to camp. It’s near the hiker laundry/shower/restroom, and is a great, flat place to toss your tent. There was actually a tent identical to mine, in the exact same place as I pitched mine last year.


I’m setting an 8:00 alarm, to break camp and have breakfast. Tomorrow, I head south!


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