August 6, 2017, Oregon Skyline Trail Mile 15.3: First Night

At Diamond View Lake, OST Mile 15.3

From Shelter Cove south, there are two options. The “official” PCT heads up and over Diamond Peak, and runs about 30 very dry miles. The Oregon Skyline Trail was part of the original PCT. This section of it runs 20 miles, past several lakes. It also has 2000 ft less elevation gain. I chose the OST. Miles are numbered south to north, just like the regular PCT.

Slow today. Slow, slow, slow. Par for the course, I suppose, but I don’t like it. I didn’t sleep well last night, so that played into the fatigue. Meh.

After a hearty breakfast at Shelter Cove, I talked with a handful of NOBOs regarding the Blanket Creek and Spruce Lake fires in the Crater Lake area. The bottom line is that I’ll be skipping Section C for this year. As of today, the PCT (west of the Rim) and the Rim Trail and Rim Road are all closed. The smoke is dark grey and solid, according to the CL web cam.

I have a resupply waiting for me at Mazama Village, south of the lake. Another hiker, who had Verizon, loaned me his phone, so that I could have the resupply forwarded to Seiad Valley. With the box there, I could either a) have it sent home, b) take it on the train, or c) use it to get to Etna.

Anyway, I headed out a little before noon. Today’s destination was Diamond View Lake, just five miles up the trail. The lake is lovely, with a great view of Diamond Peak.

IMG_0308 (Edited)
Diamond Peak
IMG_0307 (Edited).JPG
Yeah, there were mosquitoes

An amusing note: I don’t *look* like a section hiker, because my shirt is too damned white. Even yesterday at Shelter Cove, when I was sitting with the other hikers, somebody asked me if I worked there. I grinned and said no, it’s just a new shirt. Maybe I should roll in the dirt or something.


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