August 5, 2017, Mile 1903: On the Trail

At Shelter Cove, Mile 1903

And here I am, thanks be to God. I’m at Shelter Cove, mile 1903, and I’m on the trail. For whatever value of “on the trail” means this year, I’m on the trail.

IMG_0306 (Edited)
Welcome to Shelter Cove!

Just like last year, I took the train from Seattle to Eugene. My longtime friend Robin picked me up, and we spent a great evening together, catching up like good friends do. Then in the morning, my longtime friend Mary Beth, and her daughter Kezzie, chauffered me up to Willamette Pass. Robin and MB are members of the September Moms; we’ve been together since 1996, and we all have kiddos the same age. Hard to believe it, but they’re all turning 21!

IMG_0258 (Edited).JPG
Robin and I

MB took a picture, we hugged, I tagged the trailhead, crossed the highway, and I was on the trail!

IMG_0304 (Edited).JPG
Tagging the Willamette Pass Trailhead

I wound my way down to Shelter Cove, just a couple of miles and a handful of trail junctions later. I had to cross the train tracks, which are slightly south and much east of the Eugene station. The goal is to get to a train depot and catch a ride back north, when all is said and done.

IMG_0305 (Edited).JPG
Another train ride awaits me

Anyway, this was two miles of shaking the cobwebs off. I’m definitely not in as good of condition as last year! I need to carry electrolytes (heavy), extra water (very heavy), and wear heat-trapping compression socks and tights. But it is what it is. Better than sitting on the couch.

I got a tent spot at the PCT Hiker site. It was just me and Hamlet, a thru of about my age. Bonus point for a proximate picnic table. It’s always easier to sort things with a picnic table.

Once I was set up, I headed back down to the store/restaurant area. The restaurant is new this year, and is a great improvement over the frozen pizza from last year. It’s all outdoors, and they sell (real) pizza, burgers, and decent breakfasts.

Most of the hikers were NOBO (northbound). Most of the remaining hikers were sectioners (like me). The SOBOs were just starting to hit central Oregon.

I hung out with Electro, a NOBO from the Bay Area, Carefree, from Germany, sectioning SOBO through OR, and Snotdress (long story), a thru from Omak, WA.

When I asked a woman if she would take a picture of Carefree, Snotdress, and I, she asked our trail names. I said, “Rest Step,” and she said, “Rest Step? Liz?” and introduced herself, and her sister: Misty and Heather. They are both members of the Women of the PCT group! I love making these sorts of connections!

I had a long day today, so I decided to let myself sleep in and get a solid breakfast before I hit the trail.

It’s very good to be back. Rest Step is in the house!

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