August 12, 2016, Home: Transition

At home

My original plan was that my friend Carol would pick me up in Cascade Locks, the day after I arrived. Steve made arrangements otherwise…he would pick me up at Shrek’s, and we would spend the day in town, followed by a night at the Best Western. It was a wonderful way to transition from trail life back home.

We spent quality time sharing bubbly in the park (shh, don’t tell). And then we had a beer or two at Thunder Mountain. Of course, no trip to Cascade Locks is complete without a giant ice cream. And finally, we spent the evening in the hot tub. I felt totally pampered!

The next day, we headed north. It was a bittersweet trip. Cascade Locks is where I began my PCT journey, two years ago. This week, I connected the dots, in a little town that will always hold a piece of my heart.

After a week at home, I began the second half of my hike, this time in Washington.

2014-08-20 (2)
Bridge of the Gods, taken at the start of my first section hike in 2014

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