August 1, 2016, Mile 2028: Hiking Buddy

At a campsite, mile 2028

Shower was gone when I got up. I took my time, but didn’t dawdle this morning.

The trail was more or less downhill for several miles, traversing a wooded ridge. I stopped for a mid-afternoon break at Milk Creek 2125. It was the perfect size creek for a ford, foot soak, and quick rinse. Talk about relaxing!


I pounded out a few more miles uphill, to get to a campsite at 2028, along a tiny seasonal creek. The site is covered with older blowdowns, which leave just a couple of spots for small tents. I wedged my tent into one spot, set up camp, and made dinner. I also laid out my plans for tomorrow, which will include fording Russell Creek, hiking through Jefferson Park, and ascending/descending Park Ridge (7000 ft). The plan for the next day is to hit the Olallie Store, a tiny facility on the shore of Olallie Lake, and purveyor of wonderful trailside munchies.

Just as I finished getting organized for tomorrow, a woman showed up, looking for a place to throw down a tent. I showed her the one remaining spot, and she started making camp. I hung out, and we chatted away.

I introduced myself, and her response was, *You’re* Rest Step? (Wow!). I said, Well, yes I am. She introduced herself as Petra (pronounced Peetra), and said that she was on the Women of the PCT FB group. Apparently she had met Brenda (Atta Girl), who mentioned my name. Cool!

We’re pretty similar in hiking style and personality. She’s from Yuma, and she decided that, upon her retirement from tech, she would hike the PCT. She skipped the Sierra and flipped north, like many hikers this year. She’ll return to the Sierra later this summer, after the snowmelt.

She’s also a slower hiker, although with many hundreds of miles under her trail runners, her “slow” is faster than mine. And like me, her balance is a little suspect.

After a lot of good conversation, we planned to hit the trail around 6:45 tomorrow, to ford Russell Creek.

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