As many of you know, I’ve had my nose to the proverbial grindstone since January. I’m enrolled in a professional certification program at Cascadia College, north of Seattle. I’ve been working on the finer points of mobile app design, web app design, UI, and a lot of programming. I’ve been doing pretty well, and am looking forward to jumping back into the software field in a year and change.

But! Spring quarter has just ended! And I have a total of four weeks in which to prepare, almost from scratch, my 2016 Pacific Crest Trail section hike!

This year my hike will be in two parts. The third week of July will see Steve and I head to Willamette Pass, right about the halfway point on the Oregon PCT. I’ll hike north 240 miles, to Cascade Locks, where I started in 2014. I love connecting the dots!

Then I’ll head home for about ten days, while Steve is away on business. When he returns, I’m heading back to where I left off last summer, just south of Glacier Peak. And from there, it’s off to Manning Park, BC: 175 miles, to the northernmost point on the trail.

The tests are taken, the projects presented, and the books are neatly stacked to one side. Rest Step is in the house!!!

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