Feeding that Hiker Hunger

2015-06-19 15.29.12

I was up to my eyeballs, studying for midterms, when wonder of wonders! I started talking about the upcoming hiking season. My better half (aka the World’s Most Longsuffering Husband) said he’d know when hiking season was approaching, by the round-the-clock sound of my dehydrator.

I made a face at him, but I realized he was right. This time last year, I was starting to get things organized, food wise.

I developed some favorites last year, banana chips and pasta+olive oil+parmesan chief among them. But I know I need to expand my repertoire, or at least my understanding of best trail food practices.

Enter Brenda Braaten, Ph.D, R.D., a long distance hiker with a desire to help others eat wisely on the trail. www.thru-hiker.com has referenced her work, and has a great series of articles on trail nutrition.  See specifically Pack Light, Eat Right.

Once those pesky midterms are over, I plan to dive in and start making plans for summer. On the other hand, maybe I’d better wait until after finals…


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