Monday, August 25, 2014, Mile 2203: More Blessed to Give…

At Blue Lake, Mile 2203

I had to reorganize because half my stuff was still wet, so I got another late start. My boots and yesterday’s socks were soaked, so I just put everything on and planned for a day’s worth of squelching.

Got water at the piped spring at 2193; there were six of us hanging out and chatting, including the Warden and Firestarter. Next stop was Crest Horse Camp, 2195.

2014-08-25 (1)
Heading up towards Crest Horse Camp Trailhead.

Along this stretch I decided it was time to purvey a little Trail Magic. I pulled all my leftovers from days 1-4, plus all of the food for days 9-10, set it out with a Magic sign, and a note from Rest Step. Within ten minutes, three thrus descended like vultures. They were very grateful, and my pack was noticeably lighter. As were my spirits. Getting closer to that sweet spot, and Trail Magic is wonderful for both the giver and the receiver.

2014-08-25 (2)
At Crest TH, I purveyed a little trail magic: putting out a sign, and leaving extra food for hungry and happy thru-hikers.
2014-08-25 (2.1)
Just after the Crest Horse Camp TH…seven miles to my destination.

Entered the Indian Heaven Wilderness this afternoon, and passed Sheep Lake at 2197. At Green Lake, there was a family picking blueberries. I chatted with the youngest daughter, and she described the blueberry pancakes her family would be making. I tried not to drool, but those theoretical pancakes rapidly developed into the stuff of legend.

2014-08-25 (3)
Got water at Green Lake, with some creative filtering.
2014-08-25 (4)
One of the main trails through the Indian Heaven Wilderness, mile 2199.
2014-08-25 (5)
Within the Indian Heaven Wilderness, this style of PCT emblem was used.
2014-08-25 (6)
Climbing up the ridge heading toward Blue Lake.
2014-08-25 (7)
More rowanberries, this time in red. You can just see Adams peeking through the trees.
2014-08-25 (8)
Mt. Adams is getting closer and clearer.

Another handful of miles, and I reached Blue Lake (2203), after a thirteen mile day. I was able to spread out my wet gear, and get things dried out. Even my boots were 95% dry after a couple of hours in the sun. And the pair of socks which were rinsed on Day 3 were dry enough to wear tomorrow.

2014-08-25 (9) From my campsite at Blue Lake.

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