Backpacker Magazine Needs a Clue

I’ve subscribed to Backpacker Magazine for years. It’s generally got one or two articles I find interesting, and the annual gear reviews can be helpful. But it’s got a lot of fluff (how to use your cellphone as a survival tool by ripping out the wires? Seriously?), and so I take it with a grain of salt.

Recently, the magazine ran a series of articles on women in the backcountry. I’m pretty interested in that…the more women we can get on the trails, the better. So to say I was disappointed in their take on things is an understatement.

I could echo the words of several bloggers and hikers I know…all of whom were disgusted by the whole thing. “How Not to Pee on Your Shoes?” Really? But I hate reinventing the wheel, and I love sharing what’s right about the women-in-hiking blogosphere. So let me introduce you to Allison Driscoll, author of the very popular Trail to Summit blog. She did a survey of Actual Women who Actually Hike, and came up with some great data to hand back to the powers that be at Rodale…er…Backpacker Magazine.

So without further ado, say hello to Allison and Trail to Summit.

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