August 13, 2017, Mile 1761: Lava and a Cache

At South Brown Mountain Shelter, mile 1761

Got up this morning, and headed for the bushes, just uphill from the campsite. I took a trekking pole, because it was just steep enough to want one. When I had just finished, I felt a sharp pain. I flung my pole in surprise, and realized that yes, while in the bushes, I had been stung by a bee, in the…ankle. Sorry, not too interesting 😉 . I immediately headed back to camp, and administered some AfterBite and hydrocortisone.

Fast forward half an hour, and I was ready to go. Except that I was missing a pole. Uh oh. So I went up the hill, and aided by a Swiss couple, I eventually found it. Near a nest of ground bees, one of which nailed the Swiss guy. I almost walked into the nest, but he got my attention, and I very carefully backed away.

I was dragging for the first hour or so, even through the nearly flat stroll up to the trail. Par for the course, I guess. It’s still really frustrating, and is almost guaranteed to trigger self doubt. What do I think I’m even doing here? It’s pretty hard to beat back. But I put on my music, and that helped.

Today’s stretch was a reminder of some of last year’s hike. Pumice! Lava! But it was much easier tread, and it wasn’t nearly as hot and exposed as the stuff in central Oregon. I actually spent some time taking pictures.

IMG_0328 (Edited).JPG
Pumice trail
Mt. McLoughlin
IMG_0332 (Edited).JPG
Across a lava field
IMG_0331 (Edited).JPG
Layers of smoke in the distance

I needed to load up on water, again five liters. I knew that I’d reach a cache at the end of the day; while you *never* rely on caches, multiple hikers saying there were multiple gallons is a pretty good indicator. There was supposed to be a spring near that, a few hundred yards off of the trail, but even with some decent bushwhacking I wasn’t able to find it. Oh well, I tried.

Just before the shelter, I found the cache and loaded up. I didn’t want to retrace my steps in the morning, so I filled up with everything I’d need through midday the next day.

At the shelter trail junction, I found an awesome sign!

IMG_0333 (Edited).JPG

South Brown Mountain Shelter has a few bunks, and a trail register. And, it appeared, a zillion mice and a few rats. So I signed the register, and beat a retreat.

There were a lot of tentsites, and an infamous pump. Apparently the pump handle has been broken all year, and the USFS hasn’t had time to come fix it. This is a pretty critical junction for water, at least for slower hikers, and the lack of handle has been mighty frustrating. Thank God for angels and their gift of a water cache!

So remember Old School? We met at the Diamond Lake trailhead four days ago. Turns out he made it through Section C, on the East Rim Drive, just as he planned. As a SOBO thru, he’s mighty fast, so he did 75 miles while I was having a zero and meandering down the trail. We talked about his hike, and found that both of us had been to Philmont. That’s always a great conversation topic!

We were joined by Josh (Just Josh, no trail name), and a kilt-wearing guy named Naked Ninja. I didn’t pursue that one, other than to say “nice kilt”. One other guy showed up just as I was crawling into the tent. It was a full house, so I skipped recording my blog entry…it gets a little awkward talking to myself. I’ll take care of that tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “August 13, 2017, Mile 1761: Lava and a Cache

  1. Hi Liz, loving your blog, thanks for sharing! So does it work? You record your entries each night using text-to-speech and somehow save them for upload to WordPress later? I’m planning a 200-mile section next summer and would love to know how to blog it as I go so that I don’t have to spend the next year doing it from notes (which is what happened last time) ideally dropping the photos in the post right after recording… Thanks!


    1. Liz "Rest Step" Fallin says:

      Thanks for your comment! I use Voice Memo to record my entries. Unfortunately, I’d need internet access to use voice-to-text, so I wait until I get home/get signal to write up my posts. It takes a bit longer, but the advantage is that it’s easier to remember things. I’ve got recordings with crickets, waves on a lake, thunderstorms, and so on.

      I chose to write my blog this way, because it’s easier/faster, especially at the end of the day.

      Hope that helps!


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