Steve and I returned home on Saturday the 3rd. It was terrific to see the boys! Booker (the dog) spent several days refusing to let me out of his sight.

By the numbers, this year’s hike was 400 miles between the two sections. Oregon was 240 miles and 35,000 feet of elevation gain. Washington was 160 miles and 36,000 feet gain. In other words, I did the same elevation change over 2/3 of the miles. There’s a reason the northernmost sections of Washington, especially Section K, are considered among the toughest on the entire trail.

In total, and most importantly to me, I have hiked the northernmost 750 miles of the PCT. I’m pretty happy about that.

As I promised my leg, I took it to the doctor the next morning. Long story short, we ruled out tendinitis and a stress fracture. I had a boot cast and crutches for ten days, antibiotics for cellulitis, a final diagnosis of shin splints, and a three month prescription for physical therapy. Oh yeah, and a whole lot of spoiling from my guys!

Really, I couldn’t care less about the injury. I’ll pound the physical therapy, and get this episode behind me. The most important thing to me is that I made it to Canada. I will never forget that moment. And, God willing, I’ll take that feeling with me, to my next hike on the PCT.


In August 2017, I returned to Oregon, this time heading southbound towards California. My adventures continue here.

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