August 24, 2016, Mile 2553: Over the Ridge

At a campsite, mile 2553

Matt was gone by the time I got up. He really wanted to hit Stehekin, 28 miles up the trail. I was planning on arriving at Stehekin on Friday 8/26, so I don’t know if we’ll cross paths again.

Today’s goal was a campsite at 2553, 12 miles and 4500 gain. This will be the most gain I’ve had in a day, over my hiking career, and is a measure of fitness for me (she said with a little braggadocio).

I left camp early morning, and it wasn’t too far before I saw something that gave me flashbacks to 2015: a Fire Closure sign. It was for a modestly sized fire well to the east of the PCT, and this was a trail junction which connected to that area. I sighed with relief, and kept hiking. **


One more picture of Glacier Peak

Late in the morning, I was passed by two thrus. When thrus pass me, there’s almost a redshift going on. It’s amusing, when you consider that I’ve hiked about 300 miles and they’re over 2500.

Anyway, later in the morning I saw them having a snack by the side of the trail. I asked if I could join them, and they shoved over to give me room on the log.

I introduced myself, and one of them looked at me quizzically, saying, “I know you! We shared a campsite at Mt. Lassen!”

I said that I hadn’t been to Lassen, but he said, “You’re the woman with two teenage sons, one of whom is taking one college course at a time, while working.”

I said, “That’s me, but it wasn’t at Lassen. Hood maybe? Or Jefferson?”

Turns out, it was Jefferson. And this was Shower, who shared the gorgeous view of Jefferson at sunset. Cool!

He introduced me to his companion, Six Paws, who had passed me later that morning. Six Paws got his name because he was hiking with his dog. Unfortunately, the dog ran out of steam, and she had to be sent home. He was still pretty sad about that.

Shower and Six Paws swore me to secrecy regarding their location. They were hiking with two other people, whom they had passed late last night. Their plan was to sneak into Stehekin ahead of their friends, and then meet them at the Lodge, drinking beer and wondering what took them so long. So I’m now a co-conspirator.

And they told me something I’d completely overlooked. After I crested the final ridge today, it was functionally all downhill to Stehekin! I don’t know how I missed that one, as I normally review my next-day route before bedtime. But there it was. And with my planned destination for the night, it would mean a relatively simple 16 miles tomorrow. And given *that*, it was possible to hit the 6:15 shuttle into Stehekin. Tune in tomorrow!

I kept plugging, and midafternoon I hit Cloudy Pass, the last ridge of Section K. Blam! I crested the ridge, and there was GRANITE! Everywhere! Granite spires, ridges, and all kinds of stuff. It’s my favorite hiking vista, and suddenly I was in the midst of it. Welcome to the North Cascades!


I began my descent…slowly, because I was having Ansel Adams moments all over the place. I had to force myself to keep going. Awesome!


An hour later, I met another person from my Oregon section. This time it was Mighty; I’d shared a campsite with her at Barlow Pass, just shy of Timberline. Her plan was to hit the same campsite I was, although when I got there she had zoomed ahead. Thrus very rarely burn any daylight.

Tonight’s campsite is down a little spur trail, and has room for 4-5 tents on rough ground. I pitched my tent, and then was joined by Hoops. She’s a thru from Wisconsin. We had a great chat, and reveled in the alpenglow on the spires surrounding us in all directions.


** Footnote: As of this writing in mid September, the fire is considered inactive. Its growth throughout had been considered slow and healthy; this is opposed to the horrific fires we experienced in 2015.

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