August 22, 2016, Mile 2529: Birthday Vertical

At a campsite, mile 2529

Happy 52nd Birthday to Me!

Today kicked off with a 2500 ft descent to Milk Creek 2522. In one of the steep sections, I came across a slight diversion in the trail. A landslide had sliced the trail in two, with no way to get across. I backtracked past the last switchback, and found a semi-worn path which cut the switchback. It involved skidding down the slope and hanging on while climbing over a couple of blowdowns. Par for the course.


I made it to Milk Creek, without further ado. The creek was lovely.

And down

I shared the bridge with a seeming multitude of great people. First up was a very familiar looking guy named Andy. Turns out he was the guy that did the trail last year, and filmed a selfie a day. It’s an incredible 5 minute movie; you can really see how the trail hardens you, for the better. I thanked him for sharing the movie, as it’s one of my favorite trail-related clips. He’s doing Washington again this year, and I wished him the best.

Then a group of seven hikers came by: six men of retirement age, plus one woman in her 40s. Turns out she lives right next door to our local elementary school. Her husband has a landscaping business with a distinctive looking truck, and I immediately knew where they were. And she’s a reporter for my favorite local radio station.

And I also saw Sprout! She was one of the people sharing the campsite at the Big Lake cove. She is also the first person I’ve met up north whom I also met in Oregon. Logistically, anybody I’d met from Oregon could meet me up here, if they were fast enough. Wonder who else I’ll meet along the way.

Tonight’s goal involved a lot of vertical; it was a campsite over the ridge, at 2529. Today’s total gain was just over 4000 ft, which I’ve only done a couple of times. Good birthday present to myself!

The ridge was gorgeous, with lots of alpine meadows winding around the East Fork of Milk Creek. It led gradually downhill, until I reached tonight’s campsite.


I shared the campsite with Bellamy and the guys. They welcomed me right in, sang Happy Birthday to me, and even shared a drop of the pure. The evening ended with a lovely sunset behind the ridge. Life is good.


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