August 7, 2016, Mile 2104: Breakfast and Serendipity

At a campsite, mile 2104

Today was the day! The Timberline breakfast buffet has legendary status among long trail hikers. I believe it’s ranked #1 in on-trail meals, for every long trail across the country. And yes, it deserves it!

Waffles and eggs and sausages and potatoes and coffee and orange juice and pancakes and fruit and…


I shared a table with Lock and his girlfriend Caps. We had some commonalities: she has been involved with Scouts and Venturing as well. Today was her birthday, and they decided to take a zero at the hotel. At $280 per night, this was no small endeavor, but like they said, it was their first zero since Mammoth. Happy birthday Caps!

After a long, relaxing meal, I hit the trail around 11:00. It was more or less downhill, with a few traversals of deep glacial ravines. I ran into Sugar Mama, and found out she’s watching over Shrek’s place while he’s out of the country. So hopefully I’ll see her down the hill.

I had a wonderful bit of serendipity today. As I crested a ridge, I noticed a guy eating his lunch. I opined, “Heck of a view,” and he turned around to smile. Then he looked at me quizzically and asked what my name was. “Rest Step,” I replied. He said, “I know you. From the Dinsmores, last summer.” It was Flash! What are the odds?

Anyway we hugged, and caught up. He’s in the Portland area, and was out for a day hike. We took a picture together, and I left with a big smile.


I decided to stage ahead of the Sandy River, and threw down my tent at a small creekside camp at 2104. As always, I prefer to cross rivers and large creeks first thing in the morning, to give myself whatever advantage that I can get. So my tent is pitched fifteen feet from the creek, guaranteeing a lot of condensation. I’ve seen lots of people go ahead and cross now, but as always, I’m conservative.


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