August 5, 2016, Mile 2089: Magic Powered

At Barlow Pass, mile 2089

Go figure, I was tired this morning! I was dragging a bit, as I followed the ridge above Little Crater Lake. And then…OMG MAGIC! (Yes, it’s actually spelled this way). Some kind camper, probably close at hand, had left a cooler with fresh fruit and soda on ice! Epic!


Buoyed by the magic, I headed down the trail. In about five miles, I crossed an unpaved forest road. There was a man getting into his truck, and when I stopped to talk, he said that he’s doing the trail by nickels and dimes…day hikes, covering as much as he can. Brilliant! And then he gave me a liter of water, out of one of his Nalgenes. This may not seem like much, but when you consider the energy needed to haul 2.2 lbs of water for, say, four miles, it adds up in a hurry. More magic!

The balance of the day was rolling trail, traversing ridges, and the like. Barlow Pass 2089 was 17 miles on the day, and there was a great spot for tents, near a picnic table, privy, and a small parking lot. I ended up sharing with a NOBO (Mighty) and a SOBO (Matt), and being passed by a pair of people about my age. Mighty is friends with Cashmere, whom I met at Olallie.

Timberline tomorrow!

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