July 21, 2016, Mile 1905: And We’re Off!


At the Willamette Pass Trailhead, mile 1905

2016-07-20 08.35.45

I spent Wednesday riding the rails between Seattle and Eugene. My longtime friend Robin picked me up, and we had a wonderful evening together, nomming at McMenamins, grabbing fresh marionberry shakes at Prince Pucklers, and just hanging out like two old friends do.


In the morning, another longtime friend, Mary Beth, came by to pick me up. We three have known each other for twenty years, and it was a real treat for me to spend time with them.

Mary Beth bundled me into her car, and we headed the hour plus drive up to Willamette Pass. It was great to catch up with her. Then a quick hug, and I was on the trail!


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