Sunday, August 16, 2015, Mile 2385: Ready for the Pass

At a small stream and campsite, Mile 2385

Today my goal was a campsite past Mirror Lake and Cold Creek. This part of Section I is covered with forest roads; there are main roads over the passes, completely abandoned roads going nowhere, and every kind of road in between.

Late in the morning, I entered the Cedar River Watershed. This is the main water source for the City of Seattle. I’m definitely in familiar territory now.

2015-08-16 13.12.12
The left side of the trail was strictly off-limits

Next I crossed Yakima Pass, and began the ascent up to Mirror Lake.

Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake and Tinkham Peak *

The lake was crowded with families, including a lot of small children. People were swimming, splashing, and having a grand time. The Mirror Lake Trail is just over a mile long, and while not totally flat, only gains a few hundred feet, so kiddos do pretty well. It was far more crowded than I was used to, but because it was families, I found it very pleasant. I spent enough time to refill my water and have a snack, and then it was on to points north.

My destination was a campsite with a small stream, about four miles up the trail. I was glad I’d tanked up a bit on the way to the campsite, because the “small stream” wasn’t. Fortunately, next morning was almost entirely downhill, with a reliable stream on the way.

I got to the campsite around 7, and the wind began picking up. I rolled my eyes…BTDT…and moved my tent to a lumpier but more protected grove of trees.

Had some pasta primavera for dinner, but since the sauce mix didn’t play well with the cheese, I skipped it and stuck with just cheese and olive oil. I’m definitely enjoying the pasta/cheese/oil combo. It’s easy, tasty, and full of fat and calories.

While I was finishing dinner, a NOBO couple stopped by. Mo’ Betta and her other half, Monte Cristo, and I chatted for awhile, sharing the latest news. I really enjoyed talking with them. They were heading down the trail just a bit, to Olallie Meadows.

I headed to bed early, so that I could be at Snoqualmie Pass late morning (and in time for my First Breakfast!)

Tomorrow, family!

*Photo credit: Washington Trails Association (

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